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About us

Tastes of India brings the essence of India to your doorstep

In a world where distances may separate us physically from our roots, the essence of home remains etched in our memories. The founders of Tastes of India, bound by a common love for food, embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between their cravings and the authentic flavors of their motherland. Although they transcended borders in pursuit of careers, their love for authentic tastes of home remained unshackled!

The genesis of Tastes of India was a simple sentiment—the love for Authentic Indian Snacks that lingered in our fondest memories. Those mouth-watering moments when grandmother's kitchen wafted with the aroma of festive snacks, or the sheer joy of sharing homemade sweets during celebrations or the mere act of sinking our teeth into a favorite snack while cheering on our cricket heroes seemed like a distant dream.

Not anymore! Tastes of India brings the essence of India to your doorstep, encapsulating the rich heritage of our culinary traditions and the  joy that authentic Indian snacks bring

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Starting From $9


Tastes of grandma's kitchen

Let the aroma of home surround you

At Tastes of India, we're not just curators of food; we're custodians of memories. Our commitment is unwavering – to deliver authentic, preservative-free Indian snacks that encapsulate the true spirit of the homeland. Each bite is a journey, a nostalgic expedition to the days of carefree indulgence in the company of family and friends.

For the Gen Z generation, who might not have had the privilege of experiencing these culinary wonders, we serve as time-travelers, bringing the tastes of grandma's kitchen to the forefront. Our offerings are a symphony of spices and a celebration of tradition, rekindling the fondest childhood memories that have been tucked away in the recesses of time.

Hygiene, quality, and taste are the pillars on which Tastes of India stands tall. We understand the importance of preserving not just the authenticity of the flavors but also the trust you place in us. 

So, join us on this flavorful journey. Let Tastes of India be the curator of your nostalgia, the bearer of the torch that illuminates the path back to the heart of your heritage. In every bite, rediscover the tastes of your India, and let the aroma of home surround you, no matter where in the world you may be.

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